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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  May 14, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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one that's here in philadelphia but not on that crucial stretch of track. good evening i'm jim rosenfield. >> and i'm jacqueline london. sky force 10 is above the scene tonight. this is video from moments ago where we found trucks hauling away the amtrak train cars. some were taken earlier today to an amtrak yard in bear delaware. the ntsb is expected to visit that yard within the next few days to examine the wheels and breaks. the top official saying the railroad takes full responsibility and apologizes for its role. investigators today revealed the amtrak train sped up for a full minute before it derailed at a sharp curve. and ennear brandon bostian has agreed to speak to the ntsb investigators in the next few days. you've been hearing a lot about
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ptc. the newest railway system designed to stop a speeding train. >> but there's another system called automatic train control that's been around for decades. the ntsb investigators found it doesn't on the train that derailed. >> investigative reporter mitch blocker is life tonight. it's rare to not find anier system installed. >> reporter: it's quite rare. when we talked too the rail safety consultant and told him that the automatic train system was not installed here, a system that had been reliable across the country for decades, he was stunned. the automatic train control system that's lined amtrak's rails for decades is missing where on tuesday it was needed most. >> that's what that system is designed to do to prevent
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derailments due to yor speed. >> investigators don't know where amtrak's automatic train control system has gaps. but they intend to find out. amtrak confirms high level management was unaware the fail safe system was missing near the frankfurt curve where amtrak 188 went off the tracks. >> we're going to want to interview the people who were responsible for making those decisions and we ultimately will make an evaluation as to whether or not that was sufficient risk management. >> automatic train control is an older rail based safety system that experts say worked. it signals the engineer if the train exceeds speed limits. the engineer has a knew seconds to slow the train before the safety system takes over and brings it to a stop >> my understanding is there was supposed to be automatic train control at that site. that was my understanding. >> the doctor consults the state of pennsylvania on rail safety.
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he was surprised when we told him the automatic train control system was missing on this section of track. >> the coded signal automatic train control system is supposed to be in operation through the northeast corridor. >> reporter: now the northbound track, the section of track that 188 was traveling on does not have the automatic train control on it. the southbound side does have the safety system in place. amtrak says the reason they did not install it on the northbound side is it simply did not think that the train would be able to go from the 30th station here to gain enough speed for there to be a dangerous situation. i'm mitch blocker, nbc news. >> the speed is posted at 80 miles per hour, slowing to 50 in the conserve. but in the minute or so before the crash the train sped up to more than 100 miles an hour. that's when the engineers
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slammed on the brakes but it was obviously too late. >> let's take a live look at the scene tonight in port richmond. some of the train cars are being loaded on to the trucks right now. it's just been 48 since the derailment. tonight, the first lawsuit has been filed stemming from the accident. the law enforcement represents him said he suffered brain trauma and a concussion. the suit seeks damages in excess of 150,000 dollars. amtrak is to blame regardless of what the investigation reveals. >> we wanted to get this in the court as soon as possible so that not only we can get this matter resolved hopefully quickly, but so he can go on with his life as well. >> amtrak tells us it does not comment on pending litigation. look at this.
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mayhem in new york city tonight. this video shows the crowds at penn station chose the ripple effect the derailment is having. >> randy gillen haul is live at the station. you're seeing an impact there in. >> reporter: yeah, the biggest impact is going to be rail travel from here to philadelphia and new york city. outside 30th street station the flags are being flown at half staff for the victims of the derailment. while inside amtrak is trying to get a handle on moving thousands of passengers between major hubs while dealing with extensive damage on their tracks. from sky force 10 we spotted amtrak crews installing brand-new tracks at the crash site. but until monday all service between philadelphia and new york remain shut down. that is causing a ripple effect of frustration. at new york's penn station, passengers describe a chaotic scene. >> we got near three or four
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hours later than we were suppose to. >> passengers heading to washington are seeing cancellations as well. >> i had to rush down here and make the last one they had available to me. >> amtrak still needs to repair the tracks and service is disrupted from boston to d.c. >> we expect really that we're going to be are limited service at least by monday maybe full service monday. >> many of the passengers are regulars on the route. john mcdonald and his wife often take the exact same train that crashed on tuesday. >> they were helpful on the tell, got us rescheduled. they've done a great job under very different circumstances. >> reporter: if you're hoping to head to new york this eke end, there are some alternative methods. greyhound has added ten bus to the new york/philadelphia line. while septa and new jersey transit are making accommodation for passengers on their train tracks. nbc 10 news. tonight in brooklyn a vigil
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for one of the victims, dr. derrick griffith was the deen of college affairs. he received his doctorate before he was killed in the crash. eight people died in the derailment. these are some f their faces. don cochran is live in port richmond with their stories. >> reporter: well it certainly is a tough job for the crews here cleaning up this area. but for the families of the people who actually died because of what hoond here the tough part is just beginning. they may never have spoken a word to one another, but eight people who boarded this amtrak train are forever linked in tragedy. laura fen that more worked in corporate real estate. she texted her mom as she got on the train, the last they ever heard from her. bob gildersleeve lived outside of baltimore with his wife and two teenage children. they circulated his photo anywhere hoping he was only
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missing. abid gilani spent time between east coast and west coast. he commuted home to his wife and kids on the weekend. derrick derrick griffiths just received his doctorate. he had a young son f his own. justin zimmer was 20 a mid shipman heading home on break. jim gaines worked with the associated fresz, a geek's geek is how he was known to his colleagues. the father of two. rachel jacobs just took a new job in philadelphia and was commuting home to her two yeerl son in new york. and piers worked in the wine and olive oil wineries in the u.s. eight lives, one tragedy. >> reporter: and one of the
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victims is set to be laid to rest tomorrow. arrangements for the others are being made by loved ones tonight. reporting live nbc 10 news. >> count on nbc 10 for continuing coverage of the dead derailment. in a few minutes we'll show you some of the heros. taking a live look outside at boathouse row, another cool night. >> let's get the latest on what you'll wake up from meteorologist sheena parveen rm it's going to be another cool start to the morning. if you needed a light jacket you'll probably want one in the morning. 57 degrees, a cool start to you day. by 10:00 you'll notice the clouds in the area. 46 degrees by 10:00. by noon near 70. going to be milder tomorrow than it was today. we're dry right now but you see the clouds approaching. today we barely had a cloud in the sky. tomorrow we'll have more cloud
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cover. the rain is far back to your west. that will be here come this weekend. in the weekend we have warmer temperatures. also weekend showers. i'll show you the timing of that and another big cooldown in the seven-day forecast. all this in ten minutes. a jackson township police officer under arrest tonight. in text with a murder case. eric prosniewski. saying he gave detectives bad information of a murder of a man in a restaurant in april. two men are under arrest in that case. six philadelphia police officers accused of corruption are in the clear tonight. the six officers were part of a narcotics undercover squad. there were a lot of hugs outside the courthouse after the men were cleared. they were accused of planting evidence roughing people up and lying to win convictions. the officers were suspended without pay. at least one man said today he
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will try to get his job back. the nfl commissioner will hear tom brady's appeal of his suspension. the league is forcing brady to sit out four games, after an investigation revealed that brady was aware of the deflated footballs. also hit new england with a fine and ordered the team to forfeit two draf picks. temperatures warming up but rain is coming with it. you'll want to get out before the wet weather starts. as investigators continue to release new train derailment information, nbc 10 looks back at the wreck 71 years ago at the same location.
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the final three damaged amtrak train cars are being hauled away from the site right now in port richmond. even as crews continue to replace rails and get the northeast corridor back up and
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running by monday. >> the deadly amtrak comes 71 years after a wreck on the same track. these images published by the national historic society shows these cars. ed mcafee was just 12 years old. he says this week's derailment is an eerie reminder of the 1971 crash that killed 73 passengers. >> i seen people laying on the ground dead. but the people that lived there come out with blanketance put on them. i'll never forget. >> the congressional limited was on its way from washington to new york. it was one of the fastest passenger trains of its time. it was the day philadelphia bombed itself. a police attack. >> drop a bomb on us. starting a war.
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>> igniting a fire that killed 11 people and destroyed an entire neighborhood. >> i want to know who's going to pay for it. >> 30 years later we return to osage avenue. >> nothing but a hole. >> and that last voice you heard was pete caine. on may 13th 1985 he was a young nbc photographer who unexpectedly found himself on the front line. >> his work became the defining images of the bombing. and this week he returned to that neighborhood with nbc 10 east keith jones. >> i was up in the second floor window right here. >> this is pete caine now and then. just 30 years old with a camry. the nbc 10 photo journalist watched history unfold. >> you didn't sleep? >> i didn't sleep. too scared to sleep. >> in 1985, he lived in a hus on osage street.
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they built bunkers on the roof and were often seen carrying weapons. police moved in. >> my son chris wu three weeks old. the whole time i was in the house, i didn't think i would ever see him again. >> to this day no one knows who fired the first shot here on osage. but in 90 minutes philadelphia police fired 10,000 rounds. that's almost two rounds per second. then the city bombs itself. 61 homes burned to the ground hundreds lost their homes. 11 people died. >> the hard thing is that six kids, you know were in the house. >> they told us, look, your block is on television. your houses are burning down. >> gerald ren fro's home was gone but he never left the neighborhood. today 30 homes are boarded up. 30 years later he's still
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fighting thecy city. >> they can be restored and none of these homes have to come down. >> hope three decades after tragedy. pete caine now has 30 years experience behind an nbc 10 camera. he comes out here every year. >> i'm glad i'm here but i just wish that it was different. i wish those 11 people that were in the house were still here. >> lasting images and lasting emotions for pete. >> anyone who knows pete caine loves pete caine and not surprised by the dedication he exhibited during that time. >> you can watch the entire interview on our website at nbc.tom or the nbc 10 app. now your first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well a little cool today but overall this is really where we should be for this time of year. barely a cloud in the sky made for a perfect spring day today. we're still going to have a cool start to your morning. temperature wills be cool enough
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in the morning for a light jacket. but temperatures do warm up in the weekend, 80s both saturday and sunday. but it will come with some weekend rain. we'll have showers around. i'll show you the time in a second. the average high 73 today. we got to 72 right around where we should be. but by saturday, mid 80s by sunday we could be in the upper 80s. any relief from the pollen not coming anytime soon. we expect to see higher pollen levels over the weekend regardless of the showers or any rain. those levels are going to stay up pretty high. if you suffer from allergies, you're going to see them for the next several days. there are clouds to our south and west. you'll notice for cloud cover when you wake up in the morning but we didn't expect the rain tomorrow. that's far back to off to our west in chicago. here's future weather. tonight we stay dry, cooler temperatures set in. clouds kind of hang around throw
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the day open really the best chance tomorrow is going to be late at night. 11:00 p.m. we could see showers off to our west. now we start off saturday with the clouds around. temperature wills be warming up. the best chance saturday for any showers will be in the afternoon and evening. these may be>> hit or miss showers. we're not going to see a line of showers move through. the atmosphere is going to remain pretty unstable. really through the afternoon, the best chance for scattered showers and storms. sunday morning we wake up with clouds and scattered showers around. sunday afternoon this will be a better chance for thunderstorms. temperatures warmer than what we'll see on saturday. tonight, clear, cool temperature, 53 for the low. 43 north and west. tomorrow we'll see temperatures back in the mid 70s, 73 to 76 degrees. clouds will be around but lit be a mild day and we don't expect the rain until the weekend.
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saturday, mid 80s. temperatures could be in the upper 80s but the storms look to have the best chance of being here later in the day on sunday. monday another chance of storms. temperatures in the 80s. tuesday we're down into the 70s. but look at wednesday. we have another cooldown in the forecast. 68 degrees for wednesday. really this time of the year we see that fluctuation when we go above average and below average. until we get to summer that solid heat setting in, we could keep seeing that. >> try to dodge the showers over the weekend. >> thanks. george? >> guys this photo was taken just after the deadly train derailment and it's gang national attention. how it is also bringing two families together.
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new at 11:00, there is some repair work to do tonight after the crash in north philadelphia. an suv crashed into two homes. no one was hurt. it was unclear what caused the driver to lose control. follow-up to a story we told you in march. the nominee for top cop in pennsylvania will not face charges for removing signs near his home. marcus brown took down the road signs that criticize ds him. he didn't want his wife and children to see them. prosecutor also says the signs were on abandoned property and in violation of a town ordinance. ♪ congratulations go oun to manor college's class of 2015 for tonight's commencement ceremony. josh shapiro delivered the
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commencement address. we're witnessing the power of a single photograph in celebrating the first responders who saved lives the night of the derailment. >> a picture of an heroic rescue has now been shared online tens of thousands of time around the world. george spencer discovered it brought together two parents in an unlikely way. >> when they say a picture is worth a thousand words, this is what they mean. local photographer joe kashmiric captured three of philly's finest rushing from the scene carrying an injured victim unable to walk. in the midst of all of this chaos, rescuers did what they were trained to do. one of them, the officer on the far right of the foe foe is julian atkinson's son. she wrote that's my son on the right, #callofduty.
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great job raising a true hero. and there's nothing like a philly cop. but one particular comment from a stranger five hours later stood out. quote, thank you for having such a wonderful caring son. he's carrying our son. give him our undying thanks. it was a poignant virtual meeting of a mother of a rescuer and the father of a man he rescued. it was a message of gratitude that could probably be repeated 200-plus times one for each of the derailment's survivors. >> as best we can tell that victim and his father are from new york. the officer's mother is from philly. we talked to her tonight and she decided to let the social media exchanges speak for themselves out of respect for the injured. >> a lot of heroes out there, george. thank you. we'll be right back.
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i was a pretty day today. >> gorgeous day. perfect spring day. very dry. low humidity tonight. temperatures around 70 degrees. tomorrow it's going to be much of the same except you will notice a few more clouds. other the weekend, temperatures warm into the mid to upper 80s, chances of showers on saturday best chances in the afternoon. and on sunday we have a better chance of seeing some thunderstorms later in the afternoon and evening. but look at the middle of next week, wednesday. we're going to drop back into the upper 60s. enjoy the weekend.
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>> i can't put the jacket away for good just yet. >> not yet. you'll need it next week. >> i'm jacqueline london. >> and i'm jim rosenfield. thanks for joining us. we'll see you tomorrow. have a good night.
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♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- bill o'reilly. snoop dogg. and featuring the legendary


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